Goals Association Vrienden van de Västgötaspets:

  1. The association strives to promote the interests of the Västgötaspets (Swedish Vallhund) in The Netherlands and abroad.
  2. She tries to reach this goal by:
    1. Maintaining contacts with owners and/or lovers of the breed Västgötaspets both inland and abroad.
    2. Regularly organising sociable walks or engaging activities; or by highlighting walks or activities organised by others.
    3. Informing about the buying, keeping, caring for, breeding and raising the Västgötaspets. Also informing interested members about new developments regarding health, relationships or breeding.
    4. Bringing together fans of the breed with breeders or connoiseurs.
    5. Giving shelter to Västgötaspets that cannot stay with their owners for a short or long time because of sickness, vacation or health issues of their owners; and to be of help with rehoming.
    6. Exploring the options to set up a Rescue Fund so that money won't be a problem when finding a new suitable home for a Västgötaspets that has ended up in a shelter, within or outside of the Association.
    7. Keeping in contact with Scandia (Association of Lovers and Breeders of Scandinavian Spitz breeds) in order to maybe join them in the future.
    8. Keeping in contact with the Västgötaspets Vereniging Nederland (VVN, Västgötaspets Association of The Netherlands).
    9. Keeping in contact with foreign owners of Västgötaspets and Västgötaspets breed associations.
    10. Preserving and improving the breed Västgötaspets.
    11. Promoting health and welfare of Västgötaspets dogs in general and preventing and fighting hereditary defects of this breed. Especially by formulating a Breed specific Breeding Regulation where the current Regulation (dd juni 2016), at the 'Raad van Beheer', can be taken as a starting point.