Rehoming a Västgötaspets

Sometimes a new home is needed for a Västgötaspets. Fortunately, many Västgötaspets who can no longer stay with their first owner are lovingly taken in by someone close to them. Of course, most breeders are prepared to take back a dog they have bred or to help find a new home. But in some cases the dog can't stay and an immediate solution can't be found. The Association Friends of the Västgötaspets wants to be stand-by to prevent the dog having to go to the pound.

Members and non-members can let the Association if they would like to offer a (temporary) home to such dogs.
Do you know of a Västgötaspets in need of a new forever home? Are you looking to rehome your own Västgötaspets? Let us know! We strive to create a small savings account that can offer limited financial help where needed. More members equal more input into that account. Ideas or contributions for this are always welcome.